Thursday, 22 March 2012

Long Time Not Updating My Blog.. :(

Assalamualaikum wbt..

I miss to write anything in my blog even tough I knew that I'll make a lot of grammatical mistakes in my writing (I'm still new in writing in english) lalalallala... But anyway, I've a lot of stories within this two month but I can't remember all of them.. I juz can remember a few moments or experiences that will lasts in my mind forever...
Some of them are SWEET and some of them are SOUR (but gave benefits & lessons for me)..

This is my schedule within this sem ...

My final sem exams will start on 4th April 2012.. (two weeks from now) I guess!

I didn't prepare at all.. I've a lot of trouble and obstacles in my studies through out this semester. :( I loves the subjects.. Even tough sometimes I felt that it is quite hard for me to finish the task or any assignments that I have to find by own (because in MJSC my teachers always gave everything for us,,,hehe) Everytime I share my probs with my beluved ayah, my ayah will said that 'everything that happen in my life are the obstacles in my life that Allah gave to test me to see whether I can be patient to face it or not'.. & I believe that Allah always prepared something the best for me.. ^_^ (Like a few years ago, even I'm sick enough to study, Allah gave me the 'light' to be strong) I juz have to be closed with HIM with the right ways...

I hope that I could have enough time to study within this two weeks left for my final exams.. I'll do my best to get 3.5 & above like last semester.. Aamin.. ^_^ Nothing impossible as long as Allah still gave His permission to make something comes true.. as long as we strive to achieve it!  That's all for me for a few minutes.. hehe

Ibnu Fazi's Usrati - Eid Mubarak 2011