Thursday, 22 March 2012

Long Time Not Updating My Blog.. :(

Assalamualaikum wbt..

I miss to write anything in my blog even tough I knew that I'll make a lot of grammatical mistakes in my writing (I'm still new in writing in english) lalalallala... But anyway, I've a lot of stories within this two month but I can't remember all of them.. I juz can remember a few moments or experiences that will lasts in my mind forever...
Some of them are SWEET and some of them are SOUR (but gave benefits & lessons for me)..

This is my schedule within this sem ...

My final sem exams will start on 4th April 2012.. (two weeks from now) I guess!

I didn't prepare at all.. I've a lot of trouble and obstacles in my studies through out this semester. :( I loves the subjects.. Even tough sometimes I felt that it is quite hard for me to finish the task or any assignments that I have to find by own (because in MJSC my teachers always gave everything for us,,,hehe) Everytime I share my probs with my beluved ayah, my ayah will said that 'everything that happen in my life are the obstacles in my life that Allah gave to test me to see whether I can be patient to face it or not'.. & I believe that Allah always prepared something the best for me.. ^_^ (Like a few years ago, even I'm sick enough to study, Allah gave me the 'light' to be strong) I juz have to be closed with HIM with the right ways...

I hope that I could have enough time to study within this two weeks left for my final exams.. I'll do my best to get 3.5 & above like last semester.. Aamin.. ^_^ Nothing impossible as long as Allah still gave His permission to make something comes true.. as long as we strive to achieve it!  That's all for me for a few minutes.. hehe

Ibnu Fazi's Usrati - Eid Mubarak 2011

Monday, 16 January 2012

Egg Drop Challenge!!!!

Tomorrow going to be our CHALLENGE DAY... hehehe... evevryone in each group have struggle with themselves to create a new 'tools' to make the egg will never break even it falls down from high level..:)

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Creativity & Innovation... LOve it so muchhhhh!!!

Assalamualaikum wbt...

This is my schedule for second sem in UCSI University sponsored by BPG for 5 & half years.. Last sem I got a good pointer & alhamdulillah I succeed to get DL.. :)
I'm very happy to get those results even tough I can do much better than that...

English Teacher's Room

This is our first project in our first meeting with Madam Hasbe (a really creative person that I've ever seen before).. She gave us 3 pieces of old newpapers & ask us to create an ISLAND from the newspapers... It is interesting for me because I love to create something new... hehehe.. My friends and I in my group called GRIFFIN struggle to built up an ISLAND with the newpapers... the idea came into our mind & we proceed with it.. Very interesting for us because we cannot used the other thing except that newspapers... We took time to make it... But we MADE IT! huhu

This is our second project in our second class with Madam Hasbe.. We have to create ORIGAMI... I love it so much.. I learnt about it before, during my childhood.. But I didn't remember how to create it..hehehe.. so, I search for some reference about the instructions & I try and error to do it.. huhu... We cooperate each other very in our group to create as many as we can in the times given for us..:)

We have a great time in our class.. I love it so much.. After this we are going to do different project in different class.. We have our own journal on that...:)

I create the big pink vase, the basket in purple, & small purpke vase.. :)

I create the pink umbrella.. (actually i want to create flowers, but i failed.. it turns to umbrella) hehe

My friends create the cute bird..:) based on the instruction given...

Friday, 13 January 2012

Continue~~~~~my life is hard.. but..???

salam alaik..

hmmm... I want to continue my story,,,

My life is hard as a a student... But, Allah SWT makes it easier for me when I got strength from Him that always listen to my prayer.. & I kna My Creator will fulfil my dreams & pray IF I struggle for it.. :)

I continue my studies at MJSC Beseri,, but I juz studied there for 4 months... after that, I could study because of my health.. the same problem came & in different ways... It was hard for me at that moment... Actually, I have my own plan before continue study there,,, I plan to get 3.5 and above every sem so that it easier for me to get scholarship from MARA, JPA, or others..
But... nothing happen.. my dream did not comes true at that moment...
I actually give up with myself at that moment.. I don't know I can make it or not...
I did the CT scan, but nothing happen.. I met with the eye specialist & they said that my eyes was normal..
after that, the things that I did is pray that the problem going to be solve as soon as possible...
A few months after that, I was tranfer to MJSC Pengkalan Hulu in 2009 because it is near to my home..(about 30 minutes).... a month after that, my twin & I went out from the college because my sickness become worse... we went to the government school at Baling, nearer to my grandmother's house.. my twin can study very well there but I got the same thing, about my health.. I study by myself at home.. :( hard time for me...
my twin and I postpone our SPM because of some reasons.. on 2010, my twin & I took SPM in one of the school at Gerik called Sek. Men. Keb. Sultan Idris Shah II.. I studied by myself at home.. not like other students... & I took SPM with other candidates in that school that were younger than me..
I did my best in my exams..(even I knew that I have a lot of trouble with it).. & after that exam, I continue working as a clerk in one stall...:)

On February 2011, I work at a nursery at Bandar Saujana Putra in KL... I worked there for a month... & then, I quit & I continue working at Tadika Dzul Iman Smart Khalifah USJ 9... as 'ustazah' there... I learnt a lot from there,,, A place that really meanngful for me because all of teachers there are very nice to me.. there are 13 centre of that kindy at that moment.. I think there are new centre open this year.. Every month all of us, (13 centre) will gather at Dzul Iman TMDK in Bangsar to have GERAK... We are trained to be a Khalifah teacher.. I still the tag line there.. "SMART KHALIFAH CHOOSE TO BE GOOD"..:)
I miss my kids there so much...I miss to make the ABM every night before sleep (depends on that lesson plan)... I miss to recite doa, dhuha, with my kids there... The environment there are so islamic.. My boss are very kind person..:) she is a supportive person.. I would never forget her.. I still remember the day I went to the interview, I have to speak totally in English, then I have to recite Quran (a few words from Quran).. It was my first time went to interview for work..:) .. I really miss the moments that I teach my kids to be good.. Being a teacher are very meaningful for me because  I got a lot of lessons from it.. I learn to be loving person, to be soft spoken person, polite and the most important is, I learnt to be PATIENT with peoples..:)

with housemate, NOr Asma.. same age.. hehe

girls during dhuha prayer

boys.. some of them are running... haha

graduation (rehearsal)

6 years kids with K siti, K Falisha & K Faezah..:)

KAFA kids

snap snap during  GERAk..:)

with k Malina from centre Dzul Iman Putra Indah

Dzul Iman Smart Khalifah Usj 9
K falisha, K wani, K faezah, K shada, K aisyah, Asma,
K maziah, Me, K Ain, K sitim K su
K syida

memories... everybody continue life as a students, & working at new place..

during movies... about palestin

My kids there..:)

4 years kids with AMIR (new kids, 3 years old) perform during IEd Mubarak Celebration 2011

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Brief Story About Me..:)

Assalamualaikum wbt..

I didn't update my blog for almost 2 weeks because I'm not in good mood within this two weeks.. (there must be a concrete reason-don't follow me) hehehehe...
there's a lot of problem came in my life that affect my emotions & others...I miss to write everything in my journal but............tet! always busy doing something else... huhu... but i try to write & draw as usual.. hehehe...

First of all.. I started my class on 3rd january 2011.. a day after my birthday..I was the last person wish birthday to my twin... I called her as 'na' .. all of us in my family called her with that name.. :) we have a lot of differences & our own weakness and specialities.... 99(% of everyone that knows us would say that we are identical twin... & some of my friend would say that 'wahh, u got twin??? mesti best kan?' (I totally disagree with that) hahhahaha... but actually, it is a very meaningful GIFT from Allah to me & my family because not all family have 'twin' like we do.. hehe.. I'm grateful to have her as my twin because both of us always fight which each other but it's fun.. hehehe... My twin & I never been far apart from 0 months  until 19 years old.. We got the same class in our primary school from standard 1 until standard 6.. we got the same result in UPSR (5As)..There's history during my first day went to school >actually I got different class with her for the first time but I cried & cried & making noise.. & then, my teacher exchange my class... I got the same class with my twin.. (actually I cried not because of I cannot being far apart from my twin but the truth is, I'm afraid to be alone... hahaha)

let me share a memorial pic in my life.. hehehe

na & ya in the house! haha...:D (catually I don't know which I is me)

Today I want to share with anyone that read my blog about us.. huhu

After finished our primary school with a good result , Alhamdulillah. we continue our studies at Mara Junior Science College Gerik, Perak.. In the simple word is MRSM GERIK (05-07)... Actually when we continue study here, my sister was one of the student here..
MRSM GERIK > my sister & generation studied here.. hahaha... batch 2000 (my 3rd sister) & batch 2003 (my fifth sister) & lastly, our batch, 2005.. forth sister studies in MJSC Lenggong, Perak.. In my family, 5 of us (from 3rd sister until me) graduated from MRSM,,, but our life as student in MJSC is not smooth like my other sisters (faced lots of obstacles given by Allah SWT to test my family & of course, my twin & I).. but alhamdulillah, we managed to get excellent result there...:)
I was sick during my second year being in MJSC Gerik I got to study by myself... My twin are quite strong and she managed to study very well in college.. I didn't go to class because I'm sick at that moment.. Very tough test for me but as what all of us know, Allah knows everything.. I have to take my exams in another daily government school because of my condition at that moment ... I didn't study with my classmates & my teachers in my 3rd year being in MJSC Gerik, I studied by my own.. Only Allah knows what do I feel at that moment when I have to sit for PMR exam without my twin, my classmates... SOme of them teasing me because of my uniform are not like them.. Allah gave me the strength to sit for the papers... Being in the other school really gave me a new experience.. I experienced new things, I got new friends there & I got to know teachers there...Quite scary for me but it is exciting too.. hehehe...
Then, a few months after that, PMR results came out.. before I went to MJSC, I already say sorry for my parents because I think that I will make them dissappointed with me.. My fathes, my 3rd sister, my twin & I went to MJSC Gerik.. Someone called me and told that one of us got straight A... I cried at that moment because I know, it is not going to be ME.. It must be my twin... I was so worry about my result.. then when I arrived there, I look  at my result, I got 7A and 1B.... I cried again because I was very surprised with my result...I thought that I will got only 2 or 3 A... & at that moment, most of my friends got 7A 1B too... but they got B in English while I'm different from them.. I got B in Geography.. (I don't like this subject so much) hahahaha...I'm really grateful for that.. Alhamdulillah.. with that result, I know that I could continue my studies in MJSC but not in MJSC Gerik.. huhu,:)
my experience within 3 years studying in MJSC Gerik really give impact for me until now..
1) Never give up in doing everything that we want too.. Believe that Allah will help us..
2) Nothing is impossible.. I could get a good result with my own effort even I have problem at that moment.
3) Believe that Allah will help us as long as we are closed with Him & with our effort.

My principal that I use util now is: DUIT

D= DOa

this principal have many version... hehehehe...but I keep it in my life as my own principal until now..

after that, I continue study in MJSC Beseri & then I was transfer to  MJSC Pengkalan Hulu because it is closed to my house..

*I got works to do now..I'll continue after this..InsyaAllah.. hehehe

Monday, 2 January 2012

2nd January 2012 = 2O years old...

Assalamualaikum wbt...

Today is my birthday (2nd january 2012).. 20 years old already... this is my first time I being far apart from my beloved twin called SYAZANA... hehehe... she studied in KMPP... 

I have quite a long holiday... 2 weeks went home for holiday after Final Exam last Dec 2011.... during the first week when I was at home, I was busy with 'extra works' (losing my important stuff) and I've settled it within the first week... All of my younger sisters and brothers also went home for the school break.. my home very noisy sometimes because we love to tease each other.. ehehhe.. I have 3 younger brother and youngest sis... sometimes they are very naughty but it's ok because I was like that before (maybe till now.. haha) I went to my hometown at Baling Kedah for a while and I took my twin at her matriculation at Penang... quite tired but I love to 'drift' .. hehe... New experiences for me because when I sent my twin back to her place, I was lost and I went to the different ways that I've never been before but it's ok because I can explore the another way to go home at that moment.. hehe...

on the second week I just stayed at home but started from Friday, I went to Ipoh by bus to company my sis at Ipoh.. I got prob with my journey to Ipoh because suddenly the tyre burst up and we can't continue our journey but fortunately my sis took me to her house... we get prepared and started our journey to Sik, at 6.00 pm...^_^ then we arrived there at 9.00 pm... I didn't know that my sis will took me to one of my friend's house... quite surprised... :) then, we slept ther and on the next morning at 10.00 am, we continue our journey to her friend's house at Jerlun.. it is located closed to Perlis.. I got new info about the ways to go there... we pass Alor Setar and stop at Jerlun for a while and we continue our journey to Jitra, Kedah to meet with one of our friend there..quite challenging for us because we've never been there before.. but it is so exciting because I could see the nice views of paddy field and others that I never had in my village... hehe.. after met with our friend there, we continue our journey to went home in Ipoh.. :)

We arrived at Ipoh at almost 8.30 pm.. both of us are very tired... we took a rest and on the next morning, we woke up and get prepared to attend the ceremony in Sik, Kedah... we arrived at Sik, Kedah at 11.30 am.. we settled things there.. have lunch and continue journey to Gerik, my hometown to take all of my things that I want to bring to my campus... We start our journey to Kuala Terengganu at 3.30pm... we took a long journey there.. It was very challenging because they road was very terrible for me (oopps) hehe... Fortunately we arrived at UCSI University at 8.30 pm safely..:) Alhamdulillah..

and Todayyyyyyyyy... 2nd January 2012... Alhamdulillah Allah  gave chance for me to end my sweet 19 nicely...
thanks for my beloved mother called Hamidah bt Ishak for gave birth for me and my twin.. thanks for everything.. InsyaAllah I'll make you happy.. same goes to my beloved father called Mohd Fazi Lahaman..I love both of u so much! thanks for taking care of me untill now....:) 
thanks for my family that always support me even I make a lot of trouble to my family... Besides that, thanks to all my bestfriends that always be with me everytime, everywhere..:)
special things for me on my birthday today , one of my friend that I loved sang a song for me.. I never expect that.. :) memorial for me.. and than// my fellow friends sang birthday songs for me.. so sweet... ^^,..
tomorrow I'll start my new class and InsyaAllah I'll get new classmate... hope everything gonna be fine for the next days.. 

hope that tomorrow will better than today insyaAllah.. aamin..:)