Sunday, 13 November 2011

Introduction To Education + Becoming A Reflective Teacher & Student + ICT

13 November 2011

9.30-10.30 = Introduction To Education (Madam Arida)

Madam Arida gave me a piece of text.. She talked about 'IQRA' (read). She asked about our experiences about reading... We read because we love to read or we read it just for informati to pass the exams that very importanant for us.. & for me, based on my experiences before, I read just because I want to get information to pass the examination... I can't read something if I've no interest with it.. huhu.. the piece of text titled 'A SECRET FOR TWO' by Quentin Reynolds.. when I saw the text i felt nothing but i force myself to read it because my lecturer ask me to read it & I've to find moral from the story.. then, I read it, slowly (sleepy) & then at the last part, I feel I want to cry.. :( because the story was very sad for me.. I got a lot of moral from that story...

1. Friendship between man & animals.-friendship didn't limit just for men to men.
2. Obidient & loyalty
3. Loneliness.
4. Secret between closed friends.
5. Cooperate each other to make the tasks given become easier to complete.

**we have tasks : read about THE ROAD NOT TAKEN, Robert Froze.. :) gudluck for me.. hehe

11.00-12.30 am

Dr. Brendon Tagg share a video with us about the Sweden Preschool System.. It is interesting for me.. I can see the differences between the local preschool & international preschool system..:)
1- the environment there is more to 'homelife style'
~ they will have breakfast together in small groups so that they will feel that they are in one family...
~ the school was decorated with flowers & it is exactly looks like home
~students walk with teachers & they are able to choose what ever they want to do & make their own choice..
~compliment to house

2- healthy lifestyles
~teachers provide healthy food to their children (balanced diet)
~teachers encourage their students to exercise & practice physical education

3- Effective learning
~teachers teach students in small group so that the teachers could give more attention to them.
~teachers encourage their students to take risk in what ever they do (brave)

that's all from me.. hehehe...:)

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