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Continue~~~~~my life is hard.. but..???

salam alaik..

hmmm... I want to continue my story,,,

My life is hard as a a student... But, Allah SWT makes it easier for me when I got strength from Him that always listen to my prayer.. & I kna My Creator will fulfil my dreams & pray IF I struggle for it.. :)

I continue my studies at MJSC Beseri,, but I juz studied there for 4 months... after that, I could study because of my health.. the same problem came & in different ways... It was hard for me at that moment... Actually, I have my own plan before continue study there,,, I plan to get 3.5 and above every sem so that it easier for me to get scholarship from MARA, JPA, or others..
But... nothing happen.. my dream did not comes true at that moment...
I actually give up with myself at that moment.. I don't know I can make it or not...
I did the CT scan, but nothing happen.. I met with the eye specialist & they said that my eyes was normal..
after that, the things that I did is pray that the problem going to be solve as soon as possible...
A few months after that, I was tranfer to MJSC Pengkalan Hulu in 2009 because it is near to my home..(about 30 minutes).... a month after that, my twin & I went out from the college because my sickness become worse... we went to the government school at Baling, nearer to my grandmother's house.. my twin can study very well there but I got the same thing, about my health.. I study by myself at home.. :( hard time for me...
my twin and I postpone our SPM because of some reasons.. on 2010, my twin & I took SPM in one of the school at Gerik called Sek. Men. Keb. Sultan Idris Shah II.. I studied by myself at home.. not like other students... & I took SPM with other candidates in that school that were younger than me..
I did my best in my exams..(even I knew that I have a lot of trouble with it).. & after that exam, I continue working as a clerk in one stall...:)

On February 2011, I work at a nursery at Bandar Saujana Putra in KL... I worked there for a month... & then, I quit & I continue working at Tadika Dzul Iman Smart Khalifah USJ 9... as 'ustazah' there... I learnt a lot from there,,, A place that really meanngful for me because all of teachers there are very nice to me.. there are 13 centre of that kindy at that moment.. I think there are new centre open this year.. Every month all of us, (13 centre) will gather at Dzul Iman TMDK in Bangsar to have GERAK... We are trained to be a Khalifah teacher.. I still the tag line there.. "SMART KHALIFAH CHOOSE TO BE GOOD"..:)
I miss my kids there so much...I miss to make the ABM every night before sleep (depends on that lesson plan)... I miss to recite doa, dhuha, with my kids there... The environment there are so islamic.. My boss are very kind person..:) she is a supportive person.. I would never forget her.. I still remember the day I went to the interview, I have to speak totally in English, then I have to recite Quran (a few words from Quran).. It was my first time went to interview for work..:) .. I really miss the moments that I teach my kids to be good.. Being a teacher are very meaningful for me because  I got a lot of lessons from it.. I learn to be loving person, to be soft spoken person, polite and the most important is, I learnt to be PATIENT with peoples..:)

with housemate, NOr Asma.. same age.. hehe

girls during dhuha prayer

boys.. some of them are running... haha

graduation (rehearsal)

6 years kids with K siti, K Falisha & K Faezah..:)

KAFA kids

snap snap during  GERAk..:)

with k Malina from centre Dzul Iman Putra Indah

Dzul Iman Smart Khalifah Usj 9
K falisha, K wani, K faezah, K shada, K aisyah, Asma,
K maziah, Me, K Ain, K sitim K su
K syida

memories... everybody continue life as a students, & working at new place..

during movies... about palestin

My kids there..:)

4 years kids with AMIR (new kids, 3 years old) perform during IEd Mubarak Celebration 2011

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