Thursday, 12 January 2012

Brief Story About Me..:)

Assalamualaikum wbt..

I didn't update my blog for almost 2 weeks because I'm not in good mood within this two weeks.. (there must be a concrete reason-don't follow me) hehehehe...
there's a lot of problem came in my life that affect my emotions & others...I miss to write everything in my journal but............tet! always busy doing something else... huhu... but i try to write & draw as usual.. hehehe...

First of all.. I started my class on 3rd january 2011.. a day after my birthday..I was the last person wish birthday to my twin... I called her as 'na' .. all of us in my family called her with that name.. :) we have a lot of differences & our own weakness and specialities.... 99(% of everyone that knows us would say that we are identical twin... & some of my friend would say that 'wahh, u got twin??? mesti best kan?' (I totally disagree with that) hahhahaha... but actually, it is a very meaningful GIFT from Allah to me & my family because not all family have 'twin' like we do.. hehe.. I'm grateful to have her as my twin because both of us always fight which each other but it's fun.. hehehe... My twin & I never been far apart from 0 months  until 19 years old.. We got the same class in our primary school from standard 1 until standard 6.. we got the same result in UPSR (5As)..There's history during my first day went to school >actually I got different class with her for the first time but I cried & cried & making noise.. & then, my teacher exchange my class... I got the same class with my twin.. (actually I cried not because of I cannot being far apart from my twin but the truth is, I'm afraid to be alone... hahaha)

let me share a memorial pic in my life.. hehehe

na & ya in the house! haha...:D (catually I don't know which I is me)

Today I want to share with anyone that read my blog about us.. huhu

After finished our primary school with a good result , Alhamdulillah. we continue our studies at Mara Junior Science College Gerik, Perak.. In the simple word is MRSM GERIK (05-07)... Actually when we continue study here, my sister was one of the student here..
MRSM GERIK > my sister & generation studied here.. hahaha... batch 2000 (my 3rd sister) & batch 2003 (my fifth sister) & lastly, our batch, 2005.. forth sister studies in MJSC Lenggong, Perak.. In my family, 5 of us (from 3rd sister until me) graduated from MRSM,,, but our life as student in MJSC is not smooth like my other sisters (faced lots of obstacles given by Allah SWT to test my family & of course, my twin & I).. but alhamdulillah, we managed to get excellent result there...:)
I was sick during my second year being in MJSC Gerik I got to study by myself... My twin are quite strong and she managed to study very well in college.. I didn't go to class because I'm sick at that moment.. Very tough test for me but as what all of us know, Allah knows everything.. I have to take my exams in another daily government school because of my condition at that moment ... I didn't study with my classmates & my teachers in my 3rd year being in MJSC Gerik, I studied by my own.. Only Allah knows what do I feel at that moment when I have to sit for PMR exam without my twin, my classmates... SOme of them teasing me because of my uniform are not like them.. Allah gave me the strength to sit for the papers... Being in the other school really gave me a new experience.. I experienced new things, I got new friends there & I got to know teachers there...Quite scary for me but it is exciting too.. hehehe...
Then, a few months after that, PMR results came out.. before I went to MJSC, I already say sorry for my parents because I think that I will make them dissappointed with me.. My fathes, my 3rd sister, my twin & I went to MJSC Gerik.. Someone called me and told that one of us got straight A... I cried at that moment because I know, it is not going to be ME.. It must be my twin... I was so worry about my result.. then when I arrived there, I look  at my result, I got 7A and 1B.... I cried again because I was very surprised with my result...I thought that I will got only 2 or 3 A... & at that moment, most of my friends got 7A 1B too... but they got B in English while I'm different from them.. I got B in Geography.. (I don't like this subject so much) hahahaha...I'm really grateful for that.. Alhamdulillah.. with that result, I know that I could continue my studies in MJSC but not in MJSC Gerik.. huhu,:)
my experience within 3 years studying in MJSC Gerik really give impact for me until now..
1) Never give up in doing everything that we want too.. Believe that Allah will help us..
2) Nothing is impossible.. I could get a good result with my own effort even I have problem at that moment.
3) Believe that Allah will help us as long as we are closed with Him & with our effort.

My principal that I use util now is: DUIT

D= DOa

this principal have many version... hehehehe...but I keep it in my life as my own principal until now..

after that, I continue study in MJSC Beseri & then I was transfer to  MJSC Pengkalan Hulu because it is closed to my house..

*I got works to do now..I'll continue after this..InsyaAllah.. hehehe

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