Sunday, 15 January 2012

Creativity & Innovation... LOve it so muchhhhh!!!

Assalamualaikum wbt...

This is my schedule for second sem in UCSI University sponsored by BPG for 5 & half years.. Last sem I got a good pointer & alhamdulillah I succeed to get DL.. :)
I'm very happy to get those results even tough I can do much better than that...

English Teacher's Room

This is our first project in our first meeting with Madam Hasbe (a really creative person that I've ever seen before).. She gave us 3 pieces of old newpapers & ask us to create an ISLAND from the newspapers... It is interesting for me because I love to create something new... hehehe.. My friends and I in my group called GRIFFIN struggle to built up an ISLAND with the newpapers... the idea came into our mind & we proceed with it.. Very interesting for us because we cannot used the other thing except that newspapers... We took time to make it... But we MADE IT! huhu

This is our second project in our second class with Madam Hasbe.. We have to create ORIGAMI... I love it so much.. I learnt about it before, during my childhood.. But I didn't remember how to create it..hehehe.. so, I search for some reference about the instructions & I try and error to do it.. huhu... We cooperate each other very in our group to create as many as we can in the times given for us..:)

We have a great time in our class.. I love it so much.. After this we are going to do different project in different class.. We have our own journal on that...:)

I create the big pink vase, the basket in purple, & small purpke vase.. :)

I create the pink umbrella.. (actually i want to create flowers, but i failed.. it turns to umbrella) hehe

My friends create the cute bird..:) based on the instruction given...

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