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apis oo apis... hehe

Once upon a time there was born a beautiful cute little baby. He was born at Alor Setar, Kedah. His Name is Mohamad Hafiz Bin Ismail. He was such a good little baby. His mother and father took him to a competition ‘The Most Beautiful Baby’. And he won that competition. His mother and father was very glad with him. He is a lucky person. After 6 years, he grow up and up, his parents send him to a kindergarten. He was such a smart boy at that time. Even he is quite naughty (every child usually have that attitude) but he still a good boy. After he graduated in his kindergarten, he continued studies at his primary school and secondary school successfully. He was a very kind person in his school. He succeed in PMR and SPM examinations. Then, while waiting for the university intake (He applied for university after he got his SPM results)  there was a competition for the smart students. He think and think about it. Then, he took part n the competition with his parents blessing. Actually, the competition is quite challenging because if the students pass the competition, they will be sponsored during their studies. He took part in the competition bravely. He did preparations for that competition. Fortunately, he won the competition and he was one of the students that get the chance to be sponsored by BPG. He was very grateful and thankful when he won the competition. He was so excited to continue study under sponsored. He wait for BPG for a long time. He was so patient.

One day, at 10.00pm, while he want to sleep, he got a call from BPG that says that they offered him to study his Foundation Programme at IPG Kampus Dato’ Razali Ismail, Batu Rakit, Kuala Terengganu. He was surprised because the day of registration day is the next day after he received the call. He told his parents about it and they prepared everything they can prepare at that time. Of course they have lack of time to complete all the things. So, they just bring the important thing first. His father was a lorry driver. They did not have enough time to rent any other vehicle such as car or anything else. So, his father proceed it with his lorry. So, they started their journey from Alor Setar, Kedah to Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu at the middle of the night. Quite challenging because the place is too far from his hometown. His father drive carefully and patiently to make sure that they will arrive to their destiny safely. At the morning, he arrived at IPG Kampus DAto’ Razali Ismail, he registered and he started his new life their as a student again. He studied there for one and half year to complete his foundation. He finished his studies there successfully. Then, one day, BPG called him and said that he will continue his studies (Bachelor Of Education Primary Mathematics, University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom) at the other IPG. He wait and wait and then, at 10.00 pm again, he received a call from BPG that informed that he will continue his degree at IPG Kampus Kota Bharu. For the second time, his parents and him prepared and started their journey from Kedah to Kelantan with the same transport, lorry. They arrived there safely and he registered as the student in that campus. Then, his new life begin as a degree student. J He was study B.Ed (Hons) Primary Mathematics, University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom twinning with IPG Kota Bharu Campus, Kelantan. He finished his studies there after 4 years (2009). Quite a long time I guest. He graduated as the best students there. He was a smart person that have a lot of ideas in his mind. After that, he was posted to Sek. Keb. Kampong Kenang, Sg. Siput (U), Ipoh, Perak. Then, he started his new life as a MATHEMATICS TEACHER.

2010 was his first year of teaching at Sek. Keb. Kampong Kenang, Sungai Siput (U), Ipoh, Perak.. He was quite shocked for a while to know that he posted to a rural school. It is a big and new challenge for him to suit himself in a new world. He hope what he had learn in study with UH and IPGKKB will help him survive there. He was very stress at the beginning but when he think and think about what he had learn in his studies, he decided to use the concept of ARM (Active+Reflect+Modelling) in his daily life. Not only that, he used all of the skills that he had and he always use various kind of teaching method. J He used the active learning in his class to encourage his students to be brave and confident with themselve. Besides, his students will enjoy the class and it will affect their fresh minds to receive anything that he taught. Then, he always reflect himself, (since he knows the concept of ARM during studies). He always flashback anything that he did to improvise himself. It is a positive way to change himself to be better from a day to another day. Modelling is one of the ways that he did to be a better person. ARM help him a lot. He never regret to choose teacher professions. He felt very grateful to be a teacher. He never give up to do anything in his life, in his life as a teacher. J

He started his first class at Sek. Keb. Kampung Kenang. He always be a positive teacher. He always think how to help his pupils to study effectively in his class. He is a creative teacher and his mind worked so hard to give the best for his pupils. He got various kind of teaching method that was very effective to his students. One of his way of teaching is, he got an idea to strengthen his students ability to remember the 3D shapes. He wrote down one 3D shapes on the sticky notes. He gave it one pupils each. His pupils need to read the name of the shapes written. They need to draw the shapes on the paper that they had learnt before, he put 3D models in front of his class so that the pupils can get the picture of the shapes in their mind. And lastly,they need to colour it and paste the sticky note on the wall according to the shapes that they drawn. The class turns active (active learning applied). He was quite amaxed with it. He believed that sometimes the simple things can give huge impact too. Just use materials around and available too but just need to be creative to ensure that it is relevant and meaningful to be used in class. The important things is, the way that he applied in his class done effectively to his students. I’m glad to hear it. J I will do the same thing in my future class too. To make it more excite.

He always emphasized his pupils in to remember the multiplication table. He asked his pupils to read the multiplication table loudly in his every time he entered the class. The aim for doing this is to let his students be familiar with the number that always appeared in multiplication. He believed that repetition has its own power and one day, he will see the impact. Then, he put action while reading the multiplication so make it fun. He managed to make his way being follow by his students successfully. I love to hear it. J It sounds great. I wish that I could be in his class so that I will feel it too. Hehe J Being a teacher means that we must always careful on choosing the way we taking. (sounds serious, but that is true) hehe. We will be observed by our own pupils. What we have choose will effect what appears on our spectators. This words come from him that inspired me. Love it..! ‘Good things is always good to follow. It will lead into many others good things that we never expected’< this sentences I got it from his blog. It is true. I will follow his kindness. Hehe. J

In his blog, he wrote about something that is important for us to know about that. Firstly,It is about national curriculum. It is important for each country to have own national curriculum for primary school so that the curriculum will be secure. Next, about the hostels that provide in primary school. It is beneficial for us. It make the pupils easier to come to school every day. (if their houses are far away, it will help them a lot). Not only that, pupils can learn in proper condition because there are proper electricity in the hostel compared to their home. Besides, they also will be provided with healthy food so that they can grow better. Lastly, the teacher in charge will guide them to do their daily routine in hostel so that will be an independent student and also can manage themselves even they are far away from their parents. J I was stayed at hostel before this and everything that he said is true. I felt it before. Agree with it.! J hehe.. He said that as long as we have vision and mission in whatever we do it shows that we are in the true track. We just need to prepare our own wing, make sure we know how it work and then fly high up in the sky! < I loves those words. Meaningful for me. Hehe. He believed that we need to take risk sometimes to make a huge impact in everything we do. I believe it too Hafiz! Huhu.

Let me continue his story during his first teaching year. J He emphasized his year 1 students with their ability to write numbers correctly. He believed that year 1 is important foundation to learn to write numbers well and correct. He want his pupils to develop confidence in writing the numbers, avoid from doing mistakes and misunderstanding especially when it comes to the numbers that have more than one place value. (He is master in Mathematics subject so I will struggle to be master in English soon.. hehe) . He always support his students to do their best and always help them a lot. I want to be like him and better than him. ( I wish I could) Lalalala.. J He attend a course that help him a lot in the way of teaching in class. He believed that singing way of teaching class had really attracted him to try it in his class. He believed that as a teacher, we always need to brush up our mind and thinking by attending that type of course that can help us to share our ideas with others, listen to others opinions and also do the critical thinking. The more we think the more we use our brain the more great ideas can be develop.  He really inspired me a lot by saying this. I will make sure that I will attend that kind of course to in my future life as a teacher, English Teacher. Hehe.. J

He is a very creative person. His mind keep think and think non-stop until he find new ways to help his students. One of his creative ways is, he prepared a kit, that something similar to Teacher’s Tools Kit (something that he learnt before, during his studies). He called the kit as ‘Mathematics Tools Kit’ for the school holidays. He had choose the questions carefully because he do not want to burden his students. The questions must be simple and basic but cover all the topics that his students learnt before. He put a fixed date. He want his pupils to do different types of questions each day. He put a small picture so that when they finish do their work, they have to colour the picture, cut it out and paste it on the calendar that he had prepared. It becomes more interesting. J He wrote down some important points and examples to help his students. He put all the stationary so that the pupils will have no problem with it. I wish I could a teacher like him. So creative! The other ways that he used in his class are teaching his students using bottles, make a story telling (about a caterpillar, his students learn about counting numbers), and number trails that require space to walk around and need the kids to know number from 1 until 100 (they will counting, remember easily and of course, it will help them to estimate number correctly). I respect him so much. I have never about a teacher like him. Never! I will follow his steps, ideas and the important thing is, always use ARM in my daily life.  J

There were so many lessons that he had learnt within a year (the first year of teaching student in rural school). He learn about getting confidence in teaching where feel so difficult to do it in his few months. He learnt about his pupils characters so that he can tackle their interest. Besides, he learnt how to bring himself in the community which is a new place for him. Last but not least, he learnt to manage himself to maintain the motivations and strength. He said ‘When you really honest with what you doing, there will be a lot of opportunity will  Something you never think in your mind. Something that out of your imagination. When taht happen, grab the opportunity and give your best towards it. And always be grateful and thankful. meaningful for me. J Hafiz, you did a good job! Congratulations to you. You inspired me a lot. J That’s all from me.

P/s: I am really sorry if I did a lot of mistakes in my writing.(I’m not a good writer) Thanks. 

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