Friday, 19 August 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt..

In the Name of Allah The Most Gracious & The Most Merciful

Sya Syatwin is the combination of my name & my twin.. SYAzana + SYAfiayatun = SYA + twin

We were born on 2nd January 1992... I didn't remember who came out first but i still remember the time we were born (1.30 am and 1.50 am) . My beloved mom took about 20 minutes to gave birth... Thanks mom!!! & also thanks to my father..:)

We have different attitude... really different but that makes us become close (even both of us always fight each other.. hehe) Both of us never separated for 18 years being a human being.. hehe... But Allah plans everything... this year (2011), both of us separated n i'm quite frustrated with it because we are no longer being study in the same place...:( but it's ok... lifes goes on... I know she's a strong girl.. She's kind but sometimes she bullied me ( I miss that moment at all) ... Both of us studies in the same place since we are in primary school... SEK. KEB. KERUNAI, GERIK, PERAK.... and then we continue study in our secondary school SEK.MEN.KEB.DATO' SERI WAN MOHAMAD (for a month only before we got the opportunity to continue study in MJSC GERIK), we were studying in MJSC GERIK, PERAK from form 1 till form 3.. we got the different room.. her room just beside my room.. be have different bestfriend.. hehe... then, we continue study in MJSC BESERI, PERLIS for a year), then transfer to MJSC PENGKALAN HULU because it is nearest to my home.. then, continue study in SEK.MEN.KEB.SYED ABU BAKAR,BALING, KEDAH.. and lastly, in SEK.MEN.KEB SULTAN IDRIS SHAH II, GERIK, PERAK... we got a problem so both of us postpone our spm last year (2010)...
then, this year,, (2011)... she continue studies in Matriculation College Penang and I continue my studies in UCSI University...

Her ambition is she want to be a TEACHER.... We got the same interview for KPLSPM (TESL) but I'm the only one who got the opportunity to continue study under KPLSPM... I pray for her that she will always success in her studies even tough we are very far apart right now.. PENANG ~ TERENGGANU....

When I came to UCSI University, I want to share everything with her,, I wish that she could get the same place to study with me.. But Allah planned everything for us, for our future.. I hope that she will always be good there and focus on her studies.. We'll meet during the holiday only.. I miss to fight with her, I miss to bully he back.. hehe... Long time ago when she with me, we are always fighting each other but when she's not around me,,, I feel very sad... When I miss her I'll change my wallpaper to be our picture..hehe... (I know she'll smile when she read this..lalala).. She loves purple & I love pink.... hehe

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