Wednesday, 17 August 2011

i'm lucky :)

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Today is my 3rd day in my second week in UCSI University Terengganu Campus located in Marang, Terengganu... I'm very happy 2 be here... I'm very happy to have all of my fellow friends because they are so nice to me.. About my lecturers???? Don't have to ask about them because they are such a wonderful lecturer that i ever had in my life.. :) <3 them so much.. All of my lecturers are very friendly, kind n helpful.. we are just like a family.. our big family.. UCSI FAMILY.. :) 

List of My Wonderful Lecturers:
  1. Dr. Keith Thomas
  2. Dr. Brandon
  3. Madam Zuraida
  4. Madam Arida
  5. Miss Sara
  6. Beloved Ibu ( our warden  & our beloved mom here called kak Zurin)
List of My Fellow Friends:---

  • Wan Rasyidah (Syida) ~ Really NEAT person
  • Nur Syazwani (Wani) ~ She is active in netball n sports n she's very tall.. :)
  • Nur Saidah Nabihah (Saidah) ~ She's always punctual on time.. thinner & taller than me,, hehe
  • Salehah (Salehah) ~ She's a new student.. She's very nice.. :)
  • Nur Shuhada (Shuhad) ~ She's a cute person.. chubby... 
  • Nur Amanina (Nina) ~ She's a cute girl... small girl.. huhu
  • Tuan Fatma Nadia (Fatma) ~ She's a fairy girl.. as white as snow... (like snow white) hehe
  • Siti Nurfatin Diyana (Diyana) ~ She's a very SHY person in class.. her voice is very slow n she's a polite girl.. always wears batik.. huuhuh
  • Qurratu 'Aini ('Aini) ~ She'a a lovely girl.. She have a wonderful voice.. Her face is just like a celebrity, FARAH FAUZANA n i called her FAFAU.. huhu
  • Siti Khadijah (Siti) ~ Cute lil girl that always makes jokes n make me laugh.. :D
  • Syarafana (Syaraf) ~ She's a cute girl.. She loves FASHIONS & PHOTOGRAPHY.. :)
  • Nor Shazlina (Ana) ~ She is a nice girl.. she have amazing brain.. huhu
  • Siti Azimatul Nisha (Azi) ~ She's new here.. she is a nice girl.. :)
  • Maizatul Akma (Mai) ~ She's my beloved roomate.. she came from Besut, Terengganu,,, She's cute too..:)
  • Nida Dayana (Nida) ~ She's a cute girl.. she is the eldest among us here but she is so childish (same with me) .. she loves pink too same as me.. hehehe...
  • NurFerini Shahira (Nini) ~ She's cute lil girl n nice person... she's helpful person..:)
  • Nur Shakirah (Syak) ~ She's a nice girl n friend i've ever had.. 
  • Nurul Ain Natasya (Tasya) ~ She's a lovely girl... she looks so polite.. she is loving person.. :)
  • Thurga Devi (Thurga) ~ She's the only one Indian student here.. but she's a good friend.. very friendly with us... she came from Ipoh, Perak..
  • Farid ~ the first boy came during the registration day.. so polite n nice boy.. :)
  • Farhan~ he is a creative boy.. he can draw cartoons.. something like animationa.. :)
  • Hafizul ~ he is the eldest boy here.. he is very creative... he loves to cook... he loves pink... his voice is very amazing..:D
  • Mazwan ~ He's a quiet person.. it's hard to hear what he say... (within this 2 weeks only, maybe he would change later on) hehe..                                        
it's all about my fellow classmates here n we'll graduated together next 5 years n half.. InsyaAllah.. TOGETHER WE SUCCEED.. ^_^

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