Monday, 22 August 2011

Earth ohh Earth

Assalamualaikum wbt...

My second day in my class... In my third week..:)
I wake up early today to get ready... to prepare all of my stuff...

I go to my class early... at 8.45 am.. then I was quite surprise to see Madam Zuraida & Saidah already in the class.. :)
Madam Zuraida prepared for something that I love to do.. CRAFT.. hehe
I love to create new things using colourful papers and others...

We learn about Malaysia and The Environment
we learn about what does it means by Protecting & Preserving our environment.. Most of my fellow friends give their own opinion about it.. and we discuss it together..:)

What can we do????
REUSE (water,electricity,petrol,packaging)
REDUCE (clothes, shoes, electrical appliances, household items)
RECYCLE (bottles,plastic,paper,glass,cans)

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