Tuesday, 23 August 2011

games & story telling..!!! fantastic!hehehe

Assalamualaikum wbt.. :)

today is my third day in my third week in UCSI University... For this morning, Miss Sara and Dr. Brandon in charge for the first session.. We learnt about games.. Games can be one of the teaching method that we can use in our class... (soon) hhehehe...:) Miss Sara told us various types of games that we can use, that we can create and others.. it can makes the class really fantastic and the students will not bored...

Miss Sara prepared a game for us.. Each group (UNICORN, GRIFFIN,ORION,BEHEMOTH, FALZADS), got to involve in the game.. Farid was our representative of our group... We have to answer all of the questions.. All questions is all about GRAMMAR (I'm not good enough in grammar :( ) It's include tenses.. All of questions that we got was so tricky.. When we want to answer it, we have to think carefully and when we answer it, we have to explain WHY the answer is ___.. makes our brains works again.. :) hehe
Miss Sara was a helpful person.. When we didn't know she expalined to us.. very nice.. love it so much..:)

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